DeAlles Zaphir of CatClass

HI - Blue Lynx Point


Gipsy Flower's Damasco Tabby of DeAlles

HI - Cream lynx point

Carmo's Garden Beethoven II DeAlles

ES - Blue


CH Growlight Shine

HI - BlueTortie Point


DeAlles Alyce of Majinsan

ES - Blue Tortie


Gipsy Flower's Cajá of Majinsan

HI - Red Silver Lynx Point

CH Alles Silver Moon of DeAlles

ES - Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby


Promenade's Farrah Fawcet of Maktub

ES - Seal Tortie Point

IC. Foxy Snickers

HI - Chocolate Point


GRC Homerkit's Moosesloose of Foxy

PS - Blue

CH Foxy Sweetness

PS - Chocolate


Naianson Miss Angeline Jolie

ES - Seal Tortie Point

IC. Promenade's Lord Thunder

HI - Red Point


Strelets Spring Song

ES - Seal Lynx Point